Monster Brawl

Set in an unnamed graveyard this is allegedly the ultimate monster smackdown. Mythical monsters and creatures are supposed to fight to the death for our entertainment but it is hard to see the point of this film. I did consider watching it when drunk but foolishly decided against it – I think this is one film that would be greatly improved by the drunkenness of its audience.

It’s not just having Frankenstein’s monster being referred to as Frankenstein himself, or the Cyclops’ Irish accent, the witch bitch’s van-dyke-esque cockney accent or the alarmingly low budget effects that make this a laborious film. Dave Foley as commentator Buzz Chambers is very obviously reading off an autocue – which by the end of the film I sort of sympathised with, who would want to spend time learning these shitty lines? Lance Henriksen is the only highlight as his voice has morphed into ultimate voiceover man tones and he has become Mr B movie of late.

The hokey dialogue and lack of real plot will not bother you if you are a massive US wrestling fan as there are lots of its stars in Monster Brawl and the format of it follows a WWF type show. It really could have done with paying a few extras to act as the crowd though as the bouts themselves seem really lacking in energy without the playing up to the fans aspect that makes American wrestling so enjoyable. It’s a real pity that this film is just not as funny as it thinks it is.

For a very short film this dragged but then I think I watched it out of context;  the correct context being at midnight on a Friday after spending 4 hours in the pub getting shitfaced.

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