At first this tale of successful businessman John Matthews (Dwayne Johnson) trying to help his drug dealing son get out of jail free gives the impression that it is going to be high octane, straight to the action and ridiculous. It becomes clear 30 minutes in however that although it is ridiculous there is not much action. The jerky camera work may be reminiscent of 24 but it only serves to make you feel a bit gippy rather than on tenterhooks.

I was sincerely hoping for a Taken hard-dad-out-for-revenge vibe which Dwayne Johnson is perfectly suited for with his frankly massive screen presence and enormous chin; this did not deliver. My hopes were dashed when the lead gets himself hopelessly beaten up and has to rope in the help of his ex-con employee Daniel (The Walking Dead’s Jon Bernthal) in order to get on side with drug dealing crime boss Malik (Michael Kenneth Williams phoning it in).

One of the problems with the film for me is at moments where it is set up for emotionally charged scenes I was so little invested in the characters’ plights that they fell flat. They were just too poorly written to invoke any sympathy or empathy in me.

Susan Sarandon makes an appearance as U.S. Attorney Joanne Keeghan but she like numerous other acting chops in attendance is sorely wasted in this mediocre offering. One of those films that could have been so much better, only watch this if you can’t find anything else worthwhile.

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