Americana: Wish You Were Here OST

This is an album of original music scored for the film Wish You Were Here by Jordan Shapiro. He is a one man outfit for the most part and seems to have played on, sung on and written this whole shebang. The film is described as “Ten people, one RV, and a guerilla film road trip across the country.  Wish You Were Here was shot on a nineteen-day tear across the US, from Santa Monica to Coney Island” I am not sure what that means exactly, I think it is a ROAD TRIP film. Oh yes what Americans love best with their pioneer spirit is nothing better than a road trip. Ultra low budget this is a labour of love by the whole team and that includes the soundtrack.

Most of the tunes on this album are short and moody – and when I say moody I mean melancholy. There are only a couple of songs on the album, “I’ll be the one” is a yearning croon which I wished had been longer. “Phoenix Rising” sounds like a cat playing the piano (badly) and it made my head hurt; I wasn’t nearly drunk enough to enjoy it.

Americana is essentially an album of ambient slide guitar/banjo and American country music. The picked out version of Auld Lang Syne is a nice interlude but overall this is for some serious bourbon drinking staring at a black sky type of day.

Brief, dark

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