Only God Forgives OST

This 17 track album is not a passive listening experience. Right from the get go it is menacing and ominous. In its sheer visceral sounds you find yourself feeling like you might be in a waking nightmare. At times it sent shivers up my spine with its rhythmic discordant noises.

With its regular use of massive kraken like booms it is reminiscent of the OST for Inception and these added to the dreamlike gut churning alarm I kept experiencing.

There are 3 songs on the album which at first listen seem jaunty and out of place; they are all Thai pop songs, but they are also disquieting and reminded me of songs you might hear on old martial arts revenge films.

The dark synthesiser sound of the cristal baschet which is a unique instrument used here by Cliff Martinez who says that it has ”the unique sense of melancholy and foreboding” , which I imagine fits the film perfectly. Martinez also used other Thai instruments and composed the soundtrack over there in order to get a full immersive experience. He also blended in his club beats in places which also works very well. I think Martinez has pulled off a masterpiece to be honest (but I am not sure how often I could listen to it).

Read my review of the film here.

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