The Borderlands

In a small West Country village strange events at a local church prompt Vatican ghost hunter Deacon (Gordon Kennedy) and hapless techy assistant Gray (Robin Hill) to investigate. The resulting found footage of what happened when they did makes up this swift descent into spooky happenings.

Using headcams, home video and CCTV in combination to produce the found footage for this film gives it a texture that not only adds to the atmosphere of looming unquiet but like other found footage horrors stops you from being able to see around the corner.

For a low budget home produced horror this is not a bad offering. The local priest Father Crellick (Luke Neal) is unfortunately not the most convincing character on screen and indeed the other official men of religion are the weak character points in the film – whether this is a script issue or a casting issue is not apparent.

Luckily for the audience the 2 leads spar off of each other to create a believable relationship with their relationship developing in front of us and much humorous eye rolling by Deacon at Gray’s occasional fuckwittery. It’s these 2 that you buy into and ultimately feel fearful for as more and more unsettling occurrences build to an unexpected ending.

Daylight horror and devil dogs are always welcome and the church is a great setting.

There are a couple of well timed “Ben Gardner’s head” moments. The use of night vision, the soundscape and a Wicker Man-esque sense of alarm thrown in for good measure add up to a solid scary movie.

Worth seeing.

Read my interview with the director and producer of the film here.

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