Pulp: a Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets

This is a bit of a love letter to Pulp and Sheffield. It’s funny and quirky and there are quite minimal talking heads with the band members themselves.

Florian Habicht on a whim asked Pulp if he could make a film about them in the run up to their last reunion tour date in Sheffield in December 2012; 6 weeks later it was done, This hasty decision makes for a sketchy but engaging film that fairly races along. Local characters are heavily featured and I got the feeling from being in the audience of the film’s premier at Sheffield DocFest that some Sheffielders felt a bit narked at how they only seemed to focus on slightly odd locals. To give the director his due as a flamboyant man from New Zealand I can see why he was drawn to certain characters over others. Not only that but the “outsiders” shown in the film are the very people the band really speaks to with its music and Cocker’s lyrics.

There are some standout moments; a café full of elderly citizens singing “Help the Aged” and a young man who legged it back home to Sheffield after trying out London (and getting mugged twice) who was put right by sitting in a pub and listening to Pulp all afternoon.

If you are a fan of Pulp this is an uplifting little film and I personally was quite taken with its off the cuff style.

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