Obvious Child

Donna (Jenny Slate) is a late 20s stand-up comic with a day job in a bookstore, the film begins with her boyfriend dumping her in the toilets of the bar she does her routines in. As part of her recovery she at some point does the natural thing; gets drunk with a nice looking bloke (Max played with wry face pulling by Jake Lacey) and has a one night stand. Said one nighter results in unplanned pregnancy and we follow Donna’s journey from decision to women’s health clinic.

This is being touted as a film about abortion and although that is a major plot point it is no more about abortion than Dirty Dancing was. It is a rom com made by women, which means the lead is normal looking, has a brain and more importantly full agency over her own life. Jenny Slate is a stand-up comic in the US and the first 5 minutes are laugh out loud as we get an insight into her routine. She is engaging as an actor and her normality as a person is very accessible to an audience. Gaby Hoffmann does her usual understated turn as the best friend who gives our heroine advice and support but ultimately leaves it up to Donna to make up her own mind.

Based on a short film this was made for $1 million which is ultra-low budget for the US market. Made in just 18 days it is lean and all the better for it. We need more women making intelligent and funny films for other woman that address what our lives are really like; we don’t all look like models and decide to have unwanted babies and then fall in love with fat ugly bores (I might or might not be referring to Knocked Up).

I recommend this as a date movie, I really do.

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