Playing it Cool

Commissioned to write a rom-com screenplay our leading man finds himself in a sticky situation, what’s that? He’s never been in love? (and he’s like mid 30s…) Narrator (Chris Evans) then goes out and meets and falls for Her (Michelle Monaghan). And gets really scared and stuff about it all especially as she already has a boyfriend (who we decide is a baddie because he is played by a Brit – big clue he is not the man for her).

If ‘500 Days of Summer’ hadn’t been made then this film might have seemed more original in the way it is presented. The main character narrates the film for us, seguing off into various fantasy scenes to illustrate his inner turmoil and being the smartest guy in the room at all times.


Everyone is terrific looking, the clothes are cool, and so are the apartments. Our characters fulfil the various ‘types’; quirky, grumpy, gay BFF, married cynic, lovable grouchy old guy offering sage advice and swears etc. The lead is your typical ‘good looking man afraid of commitment’ type; neither nasty nor nice. There are some funny scenes, there are some romantic scenes. The leads are believable and have chemistry, let’s face it they are both so good looking and charming it would be impossible to dislike them. I wanted to like this film more I just feel it missed a trick or two in originality that could have turned it from fine to great.

This film is a completely fair enough rom-com. Date movie a-go-go.

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