Sympathy for the Devil Inside

“There’s three sides to every story, my side, your side and the truth.”

America, 6th October 1996, at the Skateboarding World Championship the top 2 competitors are Tony Hawk and Tas Pappas. On Tas’s last run he had sustained what would later be diagnosed as a broken rib and was praying that he wouldn’t have to skate again. It came down to a run off between the 2. With Tas’s younger brother already placing in the competition it was up to the elder sibling to put the Pappas brothers on top. He was hurting but he wanted to win, wanted more than anything to beat Tony Hawk, he wanted to be known as the guy “who went ballistic”. And he did, he skated like he didn’t care if he busted the rest of his ribs, and Tas won. This would mark the height of the Pappas brothers’ fortune, the 11 years following were consumed with partying, drugs, prison, and murder.

Mayhem team at DocFest 2014

Mayhem team at DocFest 2014

Sheffield, June 2014 and Tas and film making team of George Pank and Eddie Martin are at DocFest to promote “All This Mayhem” a documentary that charts the rise and fall of Tas and Ben Pappas. 4 years in the making, Tas finally has the opportunity to tell his side of the story. Continue reading

The Shining: FrightFest 2014

I first saw The Shining when I was far too young, probably about 10 years old. I remember being terrified, and rightly so, the father running around wanting to cut up his son tapping into that ultimate childhood fear of the bad parent. As the years passed I have seen the film – both cuts – probably a dozen times and am always left thrilled and impressed but never quite as scared as I was that first time around. Continue reading

Advice from Women Directors: ‘Don’t Listen to Naysayers…Just Do It.”

The indie film world is traditionally where women can find a place for themselves. A range of grants and funds specifically designed to encourage women to make films both narrative and documentary means more than ever they are making inroads into the indie scene.  The 22nd annual Raindance Film Festival was the perfect place to catch up with some female filmmakers from around the world at different places in their careers. Continue reading

Short film focus: Rotoreliefs

If you live in London and have any interest in short films at all then this will hopefully be the start of a beautiful relationship. As an actor/writer based in the capital I have come into contact with many people working in the short film arena and the number of screenings available to watch are enormous. Much like the unsigned band and comedy circuits there is something on most nights of the week in London for you to watch. Continue reading