Playing it Cool

Commissioned to write a rom-com screenplay our leading man finds himself in a sticky situation, what’s that? He’s never been in love? (and he’s like mid 30s…) Narrator (Chris Evans) then goes out and meets and falls for Her (Michelle Monaghan). And gets really scared and stuff about it all especially as she already has a boyfriend (who we decide is a baddie because he is played by a Brit – big clue he is not the man for her).

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Obvious Child

Donna (Jenny Slate) is a late 20s stand-up comic with a day job in a bookstore, the film begins with her boyfriend dumping her in the toilets of the bar she does her routines in. As part of her recovery she at some point does the natural thing; gets drunk with a nice looking bloke (Max played with wry face pulling by Jake Lacey) and has a one night stand. Continue reading

Hasta La Vista (Come as You Are)

I had a real sense of déjà vu as I first got stuck into this film by Geoffrey Enthoven and when I read the press notes I realised it was because this film is based on the real life experiences of one Asta Philpot which the BBC made into a documentary a few years back.  Born with a lifelong condition that causes joint contractures before birth Asta is a strident campaigner for the rights of people with disabilities to enjoy an active sex life. Continue reading