Eastern Boys

A gang of young eastern European men and boys hang around the Gare du Nord in Paris looking for marks; seemingly acting as prostitutes there is more to their designs on the clients than getting a few euros for sex. Daniel (Olivier Rabourdin) is a lonely businessman who takes a shine to Marek (Kirill Emelyanov) but his initial plan gets twisted and it has life changing consequences for them both.

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Amat Escalante the writer and director of Heli

Amat Escalante the writer and director of Heli (released May 23rd) managed to find some time in his hectic promotion schedule to speak to me about his latest project.

Amat, since you finished the film (Heli) how many times have you watched it?

Completely from beginning to end, maybe 2 or 3 times

Are there any scenes you find difficult to watch?

For me it is very personal why I wouldn’t like to watch a scene; usually because it doesn’t come out how I wanted, maybe I wasn’t able to achieve something or I saw some defect. Continue reading