American Horror Story: Freak Show

The first episode of the first series of American Horror Story made me so scared I had to turn it off and wait for my then boyfriend to get home to watch it with me. S1 was full of excellent scares but ended with a whisper instead of a bang; I don’t think the series has ever quite reached the same heights but it does throw up some interesting settings but alas this show now in its 5th season has always been a bit hit and miss in this way; some episodes are better than others and some series are better than others. Rather worryingly with AHS: Freak Show it is at its worst – the law of diminishing returns is in full swing.

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The Shining: FrightFest 2014

I first saw The Shining when I was far too young, probably about 10 years old. I remember being terrified, and rightly so, the father running around wanting to cut up his son tapping into that ultimate childhood fear of the bad parent. As the years passed I have seen the film – both cuts – probably a dozen times and am always left thrilled and impressed but never quite as scared as I was that first time around. Continue reading

Smells like the end of days – Zone of the Dead

Classic zombie film this is not. Steaming pile of horse manure is more like it. Cliché after cliché, you can see the next plot turn coming a mile off, lacking in wit and good production values, this film is a waste of your time unless you are very very drunk and do not care what you are watching, but even then you could always stick on your much loved copy of the Evil Dead for real entertainment. Continue reading